These Twelve Things Are True






Inspired by, and dedicated to, Lucy Pawlak.

1. I know about CCTV cameras. I don’t know about hair replacement therapy.

2. Tonight, I met a person called Joy. What must that be like?

3. I get loud, swear, then run away when I’m scared. Bravado sucks ass badly.

4. Her new shoes look too new and are ugly.

5. I will never be able to be in Celebration, Florida again, unless he changes it drastically, and even then. But I will be able to watch it. This is some salve.

6. I will soon be swimming in the sea again.

7. When everyone leaves the carriage I feel worried that I should too, even though the lady in the speaker hasn’t intoned my station’s name.

8. I don’t know how old I’m meant to be.

9. I don’t know what you think of me

10. Someone this evening said something brilliant and I wrote it down.

11. Freedom to thieve helps.

12. This is some salve.

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