These Twelve Things Are True #2




Inspired by and dedicated to Lucy Pawlak

1. Social media is blue
2. My lipstick* feels wrong.

*named Manhunt
3. A man sits. His t-shirt reads: Loyalty Above All Else Except Honour
4. If you turn up your jeans once, surely this invites trouble.
5. I wish I had a Game Boy. Then I’d figure out what one does.
6. It is possible to wear winter model Supergas outside of the said season.
7. The papercut on my right hand (middle finger) made contact last night with an unknown clear liquid which caused it to sting somewhat. With some immediate rinsing followed by a somewhat delayed application of a white medical product this morning, the injury seems to be manageable once more.
8. The woman who just left the tube carriage is someone I’ve seen on a tube ride before.
9. Who are these people? Who touches them?
10. Care. Care must be taken and given when speaking English to non-native speakers.
11. English is not the friendliest language but it is a language to make friends with.
12. I will have fewer keys on me by Monday

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