These Twelve Things Are True #3


1. I have made mistakes and I’ll continue to make mistakes
2. Some accents or voices produce in me the desire to punch the speaker in the face.
3. When standing at the top of escalators, near train platform edges, or on sidewalks, death and injury seem curious in an objective sort of way.
4. When someone today said, “That’s pretty dark,” I cocked my head and thought, is it? Why? Surely it’s a straightforward way of dealing with wants and needs. Surely if both parties are empowered and have agency, this protects each person. Surely she was reacting to some pervasive gender bias that states that a woman is the loser in any sexual encounter with a man.
5. I have a strong desire to watch Magic Mike XXL
6. Too many shades of the wrong colour do not an outfit make
7. Always “in love” with the wrong person? You don’t need to tell me.
8. Always at the “wrong” parties? Perhaps, perhaps not.
9. Socks live a mysterious life of travel and intimacy.
10. “Interbreeding” is a word that makes me think of cattle.
11. Culturally specific smells carried on the body are interesting. Do we know about these maps?
12. When we look at each other in the way an animal looks at an unfamiliar other. What are you?

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