These twelve things are true – Ambika P3 performance, 1 August

This is a Chok first: not performing my own work solo nor directing an existing piece of theatre. I wrote this entirely based on interactions with HIV expert Dr Michael Brady and he is very much in the text and performing in the show. I chose actors and artists I wanted to work with (some were unavailable so they don’t appear in the work) and wrote it based on what I love about them. I wrote it to use Ambika P3, a dream venue of mine, and I wrote it knowing how I wanted the work to fit around John’s maximalist installation. It’s entirely specific to what I’ve been experiencing in life over the last six months, six weeks, six hours, and absolutely grows from where my work has been feeling most rooted over the last two years. It’s a very Vera piece and will react directly with the audience who attend tomorrow. Having been working on this for many months now, I’m excited to be at this point and looking forward to making more of my work again. DETAILS

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