Philippe Gaulier Le Jeu with a hint of Clown notes Aug 2015

Gaulier notes Aug 2015 

(Running notes from this week’s Le Jeu with a hint of clown workshop, St Albans)

Costume is always for my audience 

I like it but I’m comfortable in it yet, not secure in it yet

Someone has given it to me and I think I look nice in it
Speak like there’s delicious food in your mouth
Echo exercise:

Don’t explain when doing the text, give a special quality to it, not a teacher quality/theatre for children

Do not play beside your beauty. Where is the beauty of the actor? Beauty is a big part of the Game. Be beautiful. 
The body: Give everything to the audience – the parts you move/shuffle are parts you don’t give/offer up to an audience to enjoy. Don’t be a miser. 
Don’t take up a comic tone, or pull faces, keep it simple so there is space and we can dream something gorgeous around you 
In France we never say sorry, we say fuck you
Find the game in everything. A clown doesn’t understand but wants to play anyway. When you don’t understand, a clown says “Aaahhhh! it’s INTERESTING!
The clown has misunderstandings – between what they want and audience. 

It’s about having bad timing between clown and spectator. They don’t laugh now? Aha their laugh is delayed or to come! 
Audience laughs at the stupidity of the clown not at the gag.
Monsieur Marcel is the guru of idiots 

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