Day 4 – Beetling 

This’ll be brief as I’m feeling wobbly. 

Beatles documentary – their friendship and the feeling of fitting in or self-acceptance and self-confidence they seemed to inspire in people was lovely. I watched them being interviewed and being free and loose at the start of their tours, which changed as they “grew up”. Reminded of how amazing and sexy their music is. Wistfulness struck me when I heard their early love songs, tunes about simple relationships. Love how they developed, were allowed to develop, so much across their albums. Lovely to know they didn’t want to play any venue in favour of segregation.

Simple: they were musicians and music was the thing. When the noise grew too loud they cut out the noise, went back to the studio, and played with their best friends. How wonderful. 

I walked past Waterstones Piccadilly and thought of the copies of The Good Immigrant within. 

The meds are doing things to me today, day 4. 

Thinking about the moon these days makes me feel a bit sad which is a shame because the moon is beautiful. This sadness will pass. 

A friend said one of the nicest things to me today: go at your own pace. I was surprised to receive detailed attention, reassurance, care from someone open to the world. I was surprised in the best way. She was so relaxed about giving her care and sharing her stories that it helped immensely. And she said she didn’t need me to do anything.

Will anything change because of the book? Because of recent changes and changes to come? I’m interested in what I will learn. 

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