On sex positivity

Here is something short I wrote when someone asked me what I meant by sex positivity:

“I take sex positivity to mean being positive about sex – losing the shame surrounding it, talking about it, normalising it. So the way I practice this is that I try to be more open about it and move away from ideas that it (or bodies or genitals, fantasies, desires, questions, etc) are “dirty”. I try to move away from using words like slut, smut, whore. I try to avoid using words for genitals as swear words or insults. I educate myself on non heteronormative sex practices, how (shame and) sex is linked to power and (gender) inequality, support sex workers and Cindy Gallop’s Make Love Not Porn and the ethical porn industry and sex education. Enthusiastic consent in sex (including BDSM) is important.”

Please do post in Comments below if you have any suggested reads, watches, resources in general. Thank you!


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