Thank you. Onwards.

If anyone wants some info on what happened at and after The Print Room protest tonight, check out my twitter feed for pics, soundtrack, videos, one PERFECT response to artistic director Anda’s letter, lots of positive messages of solidarity and support from many people. 

Despite some audience member states displaying HORRIBLE behaviour (shouting, spitting, swearing “C**t” at peaceful protestors etc) it was a joyful, musical, inspiring night. Thank you to everyone who organised and turned up, made placards, lost sleep, mustered courage, braved the cold, spoke out, distributed 1000 flyers, spoke evenly and well to passers by & audience, supported from afar. Thank you to allies who didn’t *need* to be there but who stood up for all of us. Thank you press who interviewed key folk. Thank you forerunners (BEAA et al) who made it possible for East Asians to find some footing, a growing voice, more confidence in our value and position. 

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