Crazy Rich Asians – on trust and celebrity 


If we need famous people to be in a thing in order to sell the thing, do we trust the thing? Do we trust our audiences? Do we trust the existing infrastructure we have in place for communicating with “the masses”? Who are we trying to reach? Why do the makers make? Have we forgotten about the power we have in the simplest things?

If we can buy and mute followers, what do followers mean? Do they always translate to ticket sales? And for how long?

How long can we go before this system collapses?

This question came from a friend so I can’t take credit but if the lead actor cast in CRA – the first ever Hollywood movie with a full cast of Asians, a story about a traditional, old-money Chinese family – is not an actor and not Chinese, what are we saying about ALL the Chinese and Chinese-looking actors IN THE ENTIRE WORLD? 

If you’re painting a woman’s face to look less Asian, to have double eyelids or deep eye sockets

If your PoC movie and pop stars are light-skinned 

If an English RP accent is a mark of intelligence or classiness, or colonial British grammar held up as the only truth

If Asians are taken into consideration only because of spending potential and not because they’re human beings. If we ignore poor Asians, fat Asians, Asians who don’t look, sound or move like our idea of Asians

If you don’t see or think about violence and how we perpetuate, water, grow it 

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