Hot Brown Honey

TW: sexualised violence

It was amazing to see a body – which carries on being the same body post-show, we cannot scrape off our skin – onto which I and so many people map our lustful desires onto, be SO STRONG on stage. In order to make such a powerful show, all those bodies and the people inside them have expended energy, time, and given us so much of themselves. Their rage, hurt, hope, and fucking generosity.  

So in the middle of their high energy, witty, sexy, ferocious show – Smash the patriarchy! Face your colonial history! Make noise! – I start crying a little. 
A change of tone. A woman on stage, one might describe as petite, starts screaming. Images of sexual and or domestic assault are in my head. She’s been tied up. She has long black hair, she looks young and her body is tight. She’s dressed in a silky little night thing and then she’s wearing underwear. She’s sexy to me and has been sexy in the show (they all are, and this is one of the most obvious points of the show) and will continue to be in her body after this set. 

This body proceeds to do some aerial acrobatics (Silks? I’m not sure of the terminology.) This body clambers and is distorted, falls and hangs. Violently. But it’s oh so beautiful. And yes, it’s sexy. And that’s what is so awful and brilliant and horrific. A woman being tied up and tossed about – especially a small, pliable, young-looking, femme body – damn. Sex sex sex colonisation domination slavery gender disparity SEX SELLS STUFF power power smash things we desire smash things we own lust drives so much. 

I am absolutely not against BDSM and kink. Frankly I’m into kink. And I’m not into kink being labelled/judged as naughty or dirty. Heck, that sex is deemed as naughty or dirty. Does it stop being fun if it’s normalised? 

But back to violence against women. Against any marginalised group. Violence enacted by anyone with privilege (Check your privilege.) The pleasure we get from using our power to prove status, to experience that rush of ownership, the zing of triumph! 

The convulsions and physicality of sex are really damn close to violence. They don’t call an orgasm a little death for no reason. 

Q: Do you have enthusiastic consent? Have you checked and do you keep checking? 

Marginalised bodies are beaten and killed every day, every hour, every minute. Marginalised minds are under constant barrage. We cannot scrape off our skin – and I hope we won’t – but it sure as hell occurs to me sometimes. (And those folk who try to burn it off us? With acid, with “comedy”, with skewed standards of beauty, with fashion, with flames. Shame.)

In order to make such a powerful show, all those bodies and the people inside them have expended energy, time, and given us so much of themselves. Their rage, hurt, hopes, and fucking generosity. 

This is a small note. The show contains heaps of powerful things. See the Hot Brown Honeys wherever you can. I’m grateful for managing to catch it. Support the revolution. Support childcare. Fight as a feminist. Read. Make noise. 

ROCK THE BOAT the best way you can. 

PS – Provocative read HERE if you have more privilege than your partner or friend or family member etc. Things to think and talk about. 

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