Day 1 

Running notes. A three night, some days DIY. Artists development residential session led by Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead. 

This feels like my Live Art phase part 2 plus mid-life crisis. Not bad things at all.

Recklessness. What is audaciousness? What is it in relation to you? 

If you’re comfy pulling things out of your butt, what is risky? What makes me break out in cold sweat and anxiousness, and why?

Some thoughts: being serious. Really trying to make something carefully, aiming for something, risk of not achieving, as opposed to building in lo-fi, “slap dash”, mistakes will happen feel. 

Not being a crowd-pleaser?

I’ve been feeling a lot of fear and anger in the past year. A good friend asked me to consider how they’re linked. I’m afraid of my anger. 

What do I want to let go of, for a few days at least? Fear

What do I want to invite? Groundedness in my me-ness.

At the same time, I’m thinking about abundance and scarcity. If scarcity is a myth (is it? I’m not sure) then what are the consequences? Huge. Seen on a tote: “what if we all had enough?”

Thinking about podcast: For Coloured Nerds, episode Dear White People. 

Wondering about my panic attacks. 

Considering freedom.

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