Discoveries – Best Of 2017

(I wrote this at the end of 2017 and abandoned it. In the spirit of Chok non-edits, here it is.)

A couple of weeks left to 2017 in the UK for Chok. Focusing on the best discoveries this year.

1. Trees and Bees Mel Greg Cymreig Welsh Heather Honey. Discovered while at Machynlleth Festival.

2. Grapes for blocked chi. They are a “hot” food which energises. Who knew? The Chinese doctor who treated me and that Diana Princess knows.

3. You DON’T have to follow everyone who follows you on Twitter.

4. You CAN buy an alarm clock and a watch instead of using your phone. You also don’t need to wake up on time or know the time.

5. Marie Kondo

6. Poncy-sounding edibles: brown rice milk, sweet potato noodles, ProFusion Organic Granola with Chia, Coconut & Cacao Nibs.

Humble edibles: dahl

7. Walking slowly helps. Leaving the house once a day helps. Showers help.

8. Often, when folk say they’re poor, they actually mean, “I’m having temporary cash flow issues and I rather not spend money on that.” I don’t actually know any artists who are starving.

9. Couch to 5k app and proper running shoes. (Other apps: Pacifica for me ya health and emotion tracking, Buddhify for non-religious mindfulness practice for busy people, Clue for period tracking, Daily Ab)

10. Borrow My Doggy.

11. Yin yoga. But only if you hold the poses for at least 3 mins.

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