Two months in, 4 days into 2018

(I wrote this a month ago and didn’t have internet access to post it. So here it is now.)

It’s been two months since I left London for my Malaysian/Asian adventure.

I was so happy to hear and recognise a Malay dialect being spoken on a sunny white beach in Thailand. I am so happy to be back in Malaysia, familiar even though I’ve lived across the globe for longer than I lived in my birthplace.

(Dumb waterfall pic)

I’m about to spend some time in “Borneo”. I’m not sure how I feel about this word. What is Borneo? Who named it? It sounds exotic and old-fashioned, like “oriental”. I’ve done some cursory research into the origins of the term and not come up with any clever ideas as to how I should react to it.

I’ve only got a month or so left in the region. This doesn’t seem long enough for what I want to do. In a couple of days, I’ll have a better idea of what the next month will be like. But what do we ever know about the future?

Two friends of mine have lost people dear to them. I’ve said goodbye to a young woman currently waiting to see if she’ll be allowed back to her country, waiting to see if she’ll be able to go university, learn, travel, live.

Some magazine cover says that Brad Pitt is dating Jennifer Lawrence. I was on a ferry this morning and the movie had Brad save the world from zombies. Unrelated?

Who gets to write for in-flight magazines?

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