Things I am Doing

Excited and glad to revisit goals and dreams almost 6 months into this year. Thought I’d share in order to support anyone else on their journeys, and to explain – nah, I should let go of having to justify myself! – to record some of my new adventures.

  • Eating more plant-based foods and animal friendly products (Kat Von D, Bodyshop, Lush, Korres). Aim is to have at least one veggie meal a day. Tough for me!
  • Doing more cooking, and exploring new food. Despite being able to download recipes, it’s nice to have a book with great pics to flick through. Being able to invite pals to dinner is lovely.
  • Found another spin instructor to follow, as the one I love is away. Bought another pile of credits and am going back to doing at least one class a week. It’s been a few months – at least six? – since I have been committed to exercise.
  • On that note, I have go a new PT at my fab, affordable but very well-equipped Nuffield gym. Started deadlifting and toning. Ouch but yay. Great dude.
  • Gardening! Am finally living, albeit temporarily, with a garden. B&Q now make it super easy to set up a small kitchen garden. I am VERY excited to pick up my purchases and do some planting, even though it’s a bit late in the season.
  • Doing more reading
  • Recommitting to journaling
  • Treating myself to television when I want to. What a joy!
  • Taking a step back from all the things, and remembering why I went on sabbatical last year, and noting what I have learned since (a LOT).
  • Rereading oldies but goodies Brene Brown and Liz Gilbert
  • REMEMBERING – after decades of reading dead/alive white men, to read women and people of colour.


So…moving forward based on new realisations and leaving old things behind. Haven’t quite finished doing Marie Kondo but it’s pretty much done. Keep joy close, visible, and tangible!

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