1. I watched Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette. It’s on YouTube. If you watch one thing this year, watch this.

2. I had lunch with two other Malaysians. Such a relief to be reminded that we are projected onto, and put in boxes which only acknowledge a tiny portion of who we are. Labels like Muslim, woman, queer, Chinese, etc. are continually used to define us. Like Hannah, I am tired.

3. Reminded also to think about what I won’t do. What I do not want to spend my time and energy on. This is often clearer and more constructive than what I do want to do. I think I give many things a good go. Am open to risk and challenges and new, scary, exciting unknowns. And then it’s perfectly ok to recognise when people, places and things don’t work out. There’s so much beauty and joy to spend time in.

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