Metamorphosis – first draft of an exercise in adaptation for class. The task was to write a five page piece based on either Kafka’s Metamorphosis or Hemingway’s The Capital of the World.

Notes to self

Vienna in 1914 – an article

Vienna in 1913 – interesting background info.

Also inspired by 1848, a recent production of a play and happening by The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor.

Intriguingly, I googled “dust balls” and found this image, a painting by Edith Vonnegut called “Dust balls”:


An earlier search for dust balls threw up a picture of a dung beetle rolling a dung ball. Irrelevant but a creepy reminder of how the internet knows what you’ve been looking at.

Watched something on stage recently where all the female characters seemed to be portrayed as inarticulate, bewildered, or throw-your-hands-up angry, and victims of violence and aggression. They were wryly, defensively or shamefacedly accepting and lacked agency. I have created Greta as a response to the Grete in Kafka and the de-voiced women characters I’ve seen recently. My characters in general are deliberately stereotypes and I wonder about this as an exercise.

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