Ms Samantha Mann @Anti-Valentine Festival 13th Feb!


Photograph by Katherine Leedale

Today’s feature is none other than our favourite hostess, Ms Samantha Mann!

As part of our FESTIVAL LAUNCH this Thursday 13th Feb, Samantha Mann ail be sharing her new and improved, full length piece, AT HOME WITH SAMANTHA: A Show About Love, Death And Rabbits. I cannot bloody (sorry, Samantha!) wait! We’ll be the VERY first people in the universe to see this new material.

Not only that, Samantha will be hosting on the 20th and at the GRAND FINALE on the 27th. It’s going to be beautiful. Read about the festival and how to attend HERE.*

Do listen to her talking about the festival and her show HERE on her soundcloud page. My toes are curling in delight and anticipation.

*In case you don’t know, I’ve put together a little festival, three Thursday evenings across February, to add some much-needed un-stressful love and delight to the month of February. I’ve gathered some artists I enjoy, asked them to do what they love, and have organised some nice treats and things in the way I know how, so we can hang out, catch up, and take our time to connect with our friends new and old. I am also sharing, for the first time, some solo work I have written (27th Feb). I hope that you can join us!


“What Samantha lacks in self-awareness, she makes up for in enthusiasm as she spins a story of gentle heartbreak and the desire to break out of her role as maiden aunt to her best friend’s rabbit.”

“A minutely observed comic creation.” The Scotsman
“Consummate and delightful.” Broadway Baby
“Delightfully feminist.” The F-Word

More information on Samantha HERE.


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