These Twelve Things Are True #4


1. The taste of curly wurly cakes remind me of Tom Stoppard and Ottolenghi ones of Chimerica.
2. I am more than ten years older than the youngest person in the room and I do not like the idea of his body.
3. I look critical until I’m laughing. Or swearing.
4. The view from where I’m sitting includes a watery soundscape. (Amniotic! Retreat!)
5. So many things are arbitrary. Does this news give you more freedom or less?
6. It is difficult to me in that moment of being looked at, in that moment when a filter is held up and some flatter version of me created, and this she represents an entire race (or ALL the various yellow-skinned races because we look alike), a culture (because Asia has one shared culture, right?), a history stretching homogeneously back thousands of years; she bears the weight of legacy and heritage because of the colour of my skin
skin too light to be associated with persecution, injustice, or slavery, or the real strength of the mythical nobel savage. We’ve forgotten that history. We haven’t been oppressed enough through time – indentured workers, coolies, the opium trade fiasco, forced repatriation, the Vietnam war, Burma, Hiroshima

being a yellow-skinned she is a very particular role
7. Films often show “orientals” as being stiff, cold, emotionally repressed, brutal, impotent, petty. Women are exoticised, and depicted either without agency or hyper sexualised. Yellow-facing still happens. Direct, aggressive racism still happens. Direct and indirect racism towards the yellow-skinned, the Browns and the shades in between still happens. Every day.

yellow is not black nor white.

8. I do not want my choices to be between Victim or Perpetrator
9. I do not choose between carbs and being alert
10. I’d rather grow something than paint it
11. Love is for growing
12. I am lucky

One thought on “These Twelve Things Are True #4

  1. 13. I was buffered and whisked from melancholy to daydream, before pride; reading all 4
    14. I shouldn’t have read but the stapler on my desk is green and I took that as a sign. I need to order staples
    15. Without the author I would never have eaten cashews with a knight on an uncomfortable couch. Or met myself.
    16. These Twelve Things Are True #3 bullet point #1

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