Thank you. Onwards.

If anyone wants some info on what happened at and after The Print Room protest tonight, check out my twitter feed for pics, soundtrack, videos, one PERFECT response to artistic director Anda's letter, lots of positive messages of solidarity and support from many people.  Despite some audience member states displaying HORRIBLE behaviour (shouting, spitting, swearing... Continue Reading →

On Yellow Bodies in Media

In the last two weeks I've watched a fair few films and they've been across genres. Pretty much in all of them the East Asian character has been the stooge. Their yellow body exists on screen to receive insults and be held against the norm. Some of these films were feminist, socially aware, "liberal" and... Continue Reading →

More thoughts on The Print Room

(My initial blog post was written on Dec 20: Whitewashing at The Print Room.) The Print Room in London, UK, is persisting with their position of being artistically justified in casting an all-white cast in a play set in Ancient China. They cite this article as their explaining position. They have also made their official... Continue Reading →

On seeing

31 Dec 2016 - Notes written at the boarding gate at Doha Airport: Qatar airlines messed up majorly and I spent the night in a strangely scary hotel. I don't think Doha is unique even compared to UK or Western countries, but the way men move in groups and treat women was a reminder/shock. Each... Continue Reading →

East Asians as Other

These are my notes/my first draft for the provocation for the Devoted and Disgruntled satellite event earlier this autumn. What ended up being sent out was much shorter, of course, because we didn't want to be too specific about what we should talk about. Reports/notes from the actual discussions during the event can be found... Continue Reading →

Whitewashing at The Print Room?

The statement issued by the Print Room explaining that their new play is English and therefore needs a white cast is a PR car crash. The play in question is set in historical China and has characters with Chinese-sounding names (we're not sure about a couple of possibly made-up Chinesey names*.) To cheer ourselves up... Continue Reading →

#fiveminutepoem Nov 25

I have 9 minutes enough surely there won't be a filmic meeting on a train platform in the winter sunshine surely not What is the job of pepper on the tongue in the eye There is something about this place that could be something And lo an artist strolls in tattooed casual And a boy... Continue Reading →

#fiveminutepoem Nov 22

It didn't have to be baby blue They don't have to gambol in the sun What's that nailed to the tree What's this freshly dug grave Walk where you haven't before Bag it bin it, dear hot bun (you ARE!) Mine Trees grow and flags fly however the fuck they want. Oo! Existential. Anthropomorphic. Flawed... Continue Reading →

A year of firsts #1

Trigger warning: death, hospitals This is the first time one dear to me is hospitalised and quite possibly not going to live long. It may not happen today or tomorrow, next week or next month (they've been in hospital for 8 weeks already, this time round. I've been visiting for less than a week and... Continue Reading →

People In Glasshouses

This is an excerpt from a bery personal blog I wrote for Paula Varjack on Monday 10th October, as part of her Artist Studio Space project. The full blog can be found on Paula's blog: "Today happens to be World Mental Health Day. A friend emailed me this: “you’re not falling apart; you’re just falling... Continue Reading →

Whose English Is It Anyway?

Whose English Is It Anyway? - The Immigrant Experience - my notes for the panel discussion at Waterstones Cheltenham, Aug 13th 2016. With novelist and writer Susmita Bhattacharya and chaired by Zeba Talkhani. The title brings to mind - “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” - comedy, improvisation - “Mind Your Language”, the TV comedy show... Continue Reading →

Hope in Acceptance 

Are you interested in socialism, social change movements, revolutions, theatre as political and creative expression, freedom of expression, community, kindness, the future, Russia, how we can learn from the past or live in the world today? I am so very glad to know the New Factory folk, and to have been a part of their... Continue Reading →

Day 7.5

So this is what I was thinking of as I was drifting off last night. On invisibility, if your audience persists in not seeing you, the choice is this: make them see you or leave them alone. I've written about the invisibility of yellow folk in the UK, on how the violence against us is... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Precious

I didn't write anything last night and I'm just about getting this in. The launch is later this week. I've been burrowing into acting* work and enjoying that as much as possible, despite aching fatigue. So pleased to have spent this evening in class laughing and mustn't worry about not having the energy to speak... Continue Reading →

Day 5

Walked through a not very bright park with a pal and three men sat about called out, "Hello, ladies!" Why? That's a rhetorical question. Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted that he liked Riz's piece and that he wants to read the book. Darren and Nikesh were on BBC Asian. It was really good talking to Darren the... Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Beetling 

This'll be brief as I'm feeling wobbly.  Beatles documentary - their friendship and the feeling of fitting in or self-acceptance and self-confidence they seemed to inspire in people was lovely. I watched them being interviewed and being free and loose at the start of their tours, which changed as they "grew up". Reminded of how... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – White Spaces

Today a black woman spoke  quietly and in friendly way to me in what I would consider a rather white space - the changing room of a posh-ish workout space in Canary Wharf. Later that morning, in the same space, another smiled surreptitiously goodbye to me as she left the room. My first thought was, Who... Continue Reading →

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