Chok and Amy Schumer 

Ok so the thing is, I don't know. I've been thinking a lot about comedy and I work in comedy and performance and performing identities and character comedy and bouffon. I make work that is personal and political. So, when I first watched an Amy Schumer special a couple of years ago, I was pretty... Continue Reading →

Chok and the Police

On 28th March 2017, Ben Walters (journalist and activist), Grace Willis (educator and mother), Kai (her twelve year old son), and I met with the police at Brixton Police Station to express our concerns about a Crimestoppers-style electronic billboard outside Waterloo station. This mobile display showed headshots of people wanted by the police and the majority... Continue Reading →

Truth v.2

Some notes inspired by today's session at The Roundhouse, where three young adults were responding to and asking questions about my poem. The provocation for the poem was "truth". A personal response?: Revisit the text as primary source/starting point. Read it a few times. Meaning changes through repetition. Or does it? What pictures or sensations... Continue Reading →


Today I get to meet some of the young people (17-21) who will have some ideas about creating film content for a poem I've written. Part of The Last Word Festival, I'm really excited to have the chance to see how my work and process is handled! I hope that there will be some positive... Continue Reading →

Dust and seeds

A woman told me that I wasn't ready to shoot for the stars. It's better to not be depressed first. I'm thinking that if I'm in a hole, what better thing to focus on than the sky? Walk before flying? Nah.  A man told me that I shouldn't.  I should look after baby animals, backpackers.... Continue Reading →

Reading list

Here is a preliminary reading list for my next piece, working title, Chinese Kisses. Obvs not complete and obvs I am not a fan of all the items cited so do ask directly if you'd like my personal opinion on any item(s). Theoretical – on writing. Exploring experience vs. imagination, autobiography/biography, the personal and the... Continue Reading →

Write a note to your gardener

A writing provocation from Gloria Sanders, 11 Jan 2014: Dear Gardener, a note I probably won’t send, as it’s too personal. Hello, I’m Vera. I live here now and was wondering if you’d take me on a tour of the garden. Tell me where the secret things are lying dormant, waiting for spring. Let me... Continue Reading →

On playing Evil Chinese Person

We can't take our skins off after the show.  East Asian actors: please, if you can afford it financially, don't take on jobs where you're asked to reinforce anti-China sentiment. Anything like "the Chinese" are cold/ruthless/out to get our jobs/excessively rude/sneaky. Obvs if the production is nuanced, sure, but often as actors we are asked... Continue Reading →

On sex positivity

Here is something short I wrote when someone asked me what I meant by sex positivity: "I take sex positivity to mean being positive about sex - losing the shame surrounding it, talking about it, normalising it. So the way I practice this is that I try to be more open about it and move... Continue Reading →

Thank you. Onwards.

If anyone wants some info on what happened at and after The Print Room protest tonight, check out my twitter feed for pics, soundtrack, videos, one PERFECT response to artistic director Anda's letter, lots of positive messages of solidarity and support from many people.  Despite some audience member states displaying HORRIBLE behaviour (shouting, spitting, swearing... Continue Reading →

On Yellow Bodies in Media

In the last two weeks I've watched a fair few films and they've been across genres. Pretty much in all of them the East Asian character has been the stooge. Their yellow body exists on screen to receive insults and be held against the norm. Some of these films were feminist, socially aware, "liberal" and... Continue Reading →

More thoughts on The Print Room

(My initial blog post was written on Dec 20: Whitewashing at The Print Room.) The Print Room in London, UK, is persisting with their position of being artistically justified in casting an all-white cast in a play set in Ancient China. They cite this article as their explaining position. They have also made their official... Continue Reading →

On seeing

31 Dec 2016 - Notes written at the boarding gate at Doha Airport: Qatar airlines messed up majorly and I spent the night in a strangely scary hotel. I don't think Doha is unique even compared to UK or Western countries, but the way men move in groups and treat women was a reminder/shock. Each... Continue Reading →

East Asians as Other

These are my notes/my first draft for the provocation for the Devoted and Disgruntled satellite event earlier this autumn. What ended up being sent out was much shorter, of course, because we didn't want to be too specific about what we should talk about. Reports/notes from the actual discussions during the event can be found... Continue Reading →

Whitewashing at The Print Room?

The statement issued by the Print Room explaining that their new play is English and therefore needs a white cast is a PR car crash. The play in question is set in historical China and has characters with Chinese-sounding names (we're not sure about a couple of possibly made-up Chinesey names*.) To cheer ourselves up... Continue Reading →

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